Lake Karapiro Regattas

Regattas are always fun and exciting, so it’s well worth making the effort to come. Lake Karapiro is a beautiful setting – there’s nothing nicer than sitting on the bank watching the rowing, and then getting lakeside to cheer on our guys and gals.

It takes about two hours to drive from Auckland to the lake, so many parents just come down for the day. Lots of siblings swim in the lake so bring some togs and towels for them (and for yourselves if you think you’d like to wander away from the crowd and have a dip) as well as whatever your other kids like to do to pass the time because it can be a long day for them.

Location:  Maungatautari Road, Lake Karapiro


Available parking:  There is parking behind the main event area, for around $5 per day.

Where the team stays:  The team usually stays at the Te Awamutu Rugby Club, 420 Albert Park Drive, Te Awamutu.  The kids and rostered parents/coaches sleep marae style on stretchers in the club room, with boys up one end, girls up the other (although, where possible, the girls sleep in the neighbouring Te Awamutu Brass Band hall). There’s a large kitchen where rostered parents prepare meals for all rowers, coaches and parents who are staying that night and/or helping in the kitchen.

Accommodation options for supporters: Motel accommodation is available at Cambridge, Te Awamutu and Hamilton.  Tent sites and a small number of cabins are available at the campground  immediately adjacent to the regatta.  Accommodation can fill early, so get in quickly!

Racing duration: Racing usually starts around 8 am, and finishes around 5 pm.

Facilities:  Food and tea/coffee stalls, stalls selling non-food items, toilets, showers.

Racing duration: 8 am – 5 pm Saturday, 8 am until 1 or 5 pm Sunday.

Transport arrangements: Kids are transported from / to Auckland in vans driven by parent helpers and coaches.  They are also driven between the accommodation and the regatta.

Where rowers meet: Team members, coaches and parents who are rostered on tent duty are based in the MAGSRow tent (located one back from the front row, towards the southern end of the school tents).  Although parents are welcome to visit the tent, please limit this to a quick look so that rowers and coaches can focus on the job at hand without ongoing distractions.  Rowers are allowed to come and visit the parents’ area in between races.

Where parents and supporters meet: Parents and supporters congregate on the embankment nearby.

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