Lake Pupuke Regattas

Lake Pupuke regattas are quick and easy to get to, and generally have a smaller and more intimate feeling than the Karapiro regattas.

Located at: Sylvan Park, at the end of Sylvan Park Ave, Lake Pupuke


Available parking:  None on-site.  Parking is usually available about 10-15 minutes’ walk away, in the side streets around Milford shopping centre and Milford beach.

Arrival / departure time for rowers:  You will be advised a day or two beforehand, but rowers are usually expected on-site around 7 am and are required to stay the full day.

Transport arrangements: MAGS Row does not transport rowers to or from Lake Pupuke regattas, so parents will need to make their own arrangements.

Racing duration: Racing usually starts around 8 am, and finishes around 5 pm.

Facilities:  Food and tea/coffee stalls, toilets, water tap at back of canteen building.

Where rowers meet: Team members, coaches and parents who are rostered on tent duty are based in the MAGS Row tent (near the bottom left-hand corner of the tent area if you have walked up from the lake).  Although parents are welcome to visit the tent, please limit this to a quick look so that rowers and coaches can focus on the job at hand without ongoing distractions.  Rowers are allowed to come and visit the parents’ area in between races.

Where parents and supporters meet: We usually sit towards the far-western end of the grass bank, about half way up the hill.

Warning: The boat park is a busy and often congested place with lots of boats being carried back and forth and many people moving around.  Although rowers naturally take care to avoid colliding with onlookers when carrying boats, it is safest to assume that they haven’t seen you and to give them right-of-way!

End of day pack up: This can be a tiring job at the end of a long day, so we would appreciate some people committing to help with packing up the gear and taking down the tent. If both parents plan on coming, you might want to time your runs so that one parent attends the first half of the day, and the other parent the second half.

Located at: Sylvan Park, at the end of Sylvan Park Ave, Lake Pupuke