Head of the Harbour results and medalists

Head of the Harbour Regatta results and medalists.

Our Division 1 and 2 placings were:

• BU16 4+ A (Stephen, Lewis, Lachlan, Anton, Felix) – 1st in Div 1 Gold Medal
• BU15 4+ A (Marcus, Oliver, Kris, Germain, Ben) – 1st in Div 1 Gold Medal
• BU16 8+ (Marcus, Dan, Fraser, Lewis, Lachlan, Germain, Stephen, Anton, Raquel) – 3rd in Div 1 Bronze Medal
• BU15 4+ B (Jackson, Blake, Theo, Dan, Felix) – 2nd in Div 2

In addition we had three crews place 4th, just outside the medals, in Division 1 races:

• BU15 8+ (Blake, Kris, Jackson, Oliver, Sam S, Tom, Theo, Anthony, Louis)
• GU16 4x (Lydia, Aly, Hannah Z, Hannah J, Leah)
• GU16 4+ (Lydia, Aly, Hannah Z, Hannah J, Leah).

Congratulations to all crews who placed and to those who received medals today. Well done!