Magsrow End of Season Prize Giving

A perfect autumn afternoon at West End Rowing Club marked the end of season prize giving for Magsrow.

Sixteen brave parents were put through an intense novice training camp on the pontoon in the afternoon before venturing into a boat onto the water. 

No one took a swim, although there were plenty of rocky moments.  The first two eights managed a credible race. 



The third eight was ably managed by student coaches and squad members but the parents - many of whom were committee members - proved to be the weak link.



Back at the club, it was a pleasure to be able to celebrate the achievements of our squad over the 2016/17 season.  They all deserve recognition for their hard work, commitment, exemplary attitudes and behaviour during the season.  It was also time to farewell coach Leah Hankey who has another role now and will not return to us next season - we wish Leah all the best.


We congratulate our season award winners:

Best Overall Boy Rower - Fraser Lewins
Best Overall Girl Rower - Holly Chaafe
Best Coxswain - Ben Campbell
Most Improved Oarsman - Callum Pratt
Most Improved Oarswoman - Hannah Zwalue

Best Contribution - Under 15 Girls - Marieke Richards
Most Improved - Under 15 Girls - Poppy Walters
Best Contribution - Under 16 Girls - Olivia Alberts
Most Improved – Under 16 Girls - Holly Chaafe
Best Contribution - Under 17 Girls - Rachel Taylor
Most Improved - Under 17 Girls - Tara Pickering

Best Contribution - Under 15 Boys - Anthony Peters
Most Improved - Under 15 Boys - Jackson Bass
Best Contribution - Under 16 Boys - Lewis Brown
Most Improved - Under 16 Boys - Daniel Fraser

Best Contribution - Under 17 Boys - Fraser Lewins
Most Improved - Under 17 Boys - Dennis Nieuwenhuizen
Best Contribution - Under 18 Boys - Mark Lawrence
Most Improved - Under 18 Boys - Nathan Smith