Although being affiliated to the West End Rowing Club enables us to use their boats and facilities, these are shared with other club users.  Since MAGS Row’s re-establishment in 2009, we have  fundraised to build up our own rowing resources and were delighted in 2011 to launch the first boat to bear MAGS colours in nearly 30 years.

Our fleet continues to grow – but there is a long way to go and fundraising continues so as to enable us to buy more boats and other pieces of equipment necessary for a successful rowing programme.

Rowing is an expensive sport but we want to make it as accessible as possible to current and potential rowers.  As a result, our fundraising efforts also aim to keep fees as low as is practicable.

Special thanks to

  • Aeroplane Music Services - website build, maintenance and hosting fees donation

  • Hirepool for their continued assistance with gazebos and other items

  • Kennards for their support to the crew in the hire of Furniture Trailers.

All donations gratefully received!

Please contact us if you’d like to explore partnership or sponsorship options or to make a donation towards helping MAGS Row to achieve our vision of once again becoming New Zealand’s top co-ed rowing school.

MAGSRow is a registered charity with donee status.